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Three percents make a difference, join the three percent!
3% was founded in 2021 to make your life more comfortable, more refined, more conscious.

Our whole essence is embedded in two concepts of functionality and minimalism.

/ Ergonomic fit, technological materials and attention to details form functionality.
/ Laconic silhouettes, compatible colors, timeless designs beyond trends - the foundations of minimalism.

Every item we create is intended to give you a superpower, whether it is protection from the weather conditions or round-the-clock outfit relevance, for every occasion or challenge, in any context.


To create a community of sensible, conscious modern people who share our values ​​and take daily steps towards the development of culture, technology, and civilization in general and to simplify this path for them in our own way.

Eco-consciousness and anti-consumption

We believe that 3% is enough for radical change, so we try by all means to minimize the negative impact on the planet:

/ 3% of your purchases each year will be used for the environmental situation improvement (planting forests, clearing littered areas, supporting environmental activists).

/ reusable functional packaging to reduce planetary pollution.

/ optimization of fabrics cutting with small elements (masks, caps) to reduce waste.

/ timeless silhouettes and quality materials to extend the life of each clothing item.

/ 3% of the total amount of sewn clothes is enough to dress the whole world

/ planned tailoring and pre-orders focused on optimal use of fabrics and minimization of residues.

/ our clothes are created and manufactured in cooperation with Ukrainian manufacturers, which allows us to support local businesses and ensure high product quality.

/ keychain as a tag - an additional multi-use feature instead of a single-use before traveling to the dump.

We want items to stay with you for a long time, regardless of the season or trends, so we do not tie our drops to fast-fashion calendars.

Instead, with each new drop, we write the next Chapter of History, which reveals new facets of our vision and each time makes our community 3% closer to the mission.

Three percents make a difference, join the three percent!